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For Distance Runners 

"To me coaching is all about stewardship, using the knowledge and experience I have gained over 40 years as a runner, and 10 years as a coach, to help others pursue their running goals.  So rather than publishing a book you have to pay for, I am publishing it here on my blog, free for all (runners and coaches alike) to read and enjoy, maybe learn something from it, or potentially have it prompt you to look at something from a slightly different viewpoint.  If any of those happen, mission accomplished."
- Coach Mark Hadley 

Coach Hadley shares his training and racing philosophy in this free e-book.  In it he takes you through the basic principles behind our training; show you the keys to making improvements in your fitness; how to structure your training cycle and the workouts to use along the way, the most effective race strategies and much more.

Chapter 1:  The 5 Tenets of Training

Chapter 2:  Stress & Recover

Chapter 3:  Stress Workouts

Chapter 4:  Recovery

Chapter 5:  Base Units; Micro & Macro-Cycle

Chapter 6:  The Hadley Liberty Training Cycle

Chapter 7:  The Regeneration Phase

Chapter 8:  The Base Phase

Chapter 9:  The Fundamental Phase

Chapter 10:  The Specific Phase

Chapter 11:  Racing

Chapter 12:  Attitude

Chapter 13:  Warm-Ups & Cool-Downs