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Didn't find a free training program that was just right for you?  Let Coach Mark Hadley design you a custom training program, one designed with your unique situation, for your strengths and weaknesses, your background in the sport, and your  as a runner, for your personal work, life and race schedules.
15% of all proceeds go to charities focused on Autism research, support and awareness

Custom Training Program
(select # of weeks)

8 weeks  - $100.00
10 weeks - $112.50
12 weeks - $125.00
14 weeks - $137.50
16 weeks - $150.00
18 weeks - $162.50
20 weeks - $175.00
22 weeks - $187.50
24 weeks - $200.00

Number of Weeks

MPR Custom Training Programs
- For all ages and ability levels (from beginners to professionals)
- For all race distances from 1 mile to ultramarathons
- Between 8 and 24 weeks in duration

What You Get In Every MPR Custom Training Program

·        Custom Detailed Day-By-Day Training Program:  there will never be a question in your mind what to do that day or how to do it, you will have it all laid out for you in a detailed day-by-day training plan that was designed specifically for you and your situation, in order to help you get to your goals.  
·        Training Pace Calculator with Heat/Humidity Adjustor:  this is an easy to use calculator build in to your custom program that will show you the proper training pace ranges to use for all your workouts and what type of race times those training paces correlate to.  And when warm and/or humid weather hits, it automatically adjusts your paces for those conditions.
·        Workout Notes & Tips:  for every run you do, you’ll have a notes and tips to tell you the purpose of the run, how best to execute that run, what it should feel like, the approximate pace range, the approximate heart race range.  So no matter how you like to approach your runs (by feel, pace, or heart race) you’ll have all the information you need to get the most out of it.
·        Warm-Up and Cool-Down Routines with Videos:  one of the first lines of defense against injuries and one of the easiest ways to promote efficient running is through a good, simple warm-up and cool-down routines.  2 warm-up and 2 cool-down routines (1 for before & after easy runs & 1 for before and after hard workouts) are included with a video and explanation of, each stretch/exercise. Short, simple but effective routines that make the most of your time.
·        Strength & Form Drill Routines with Videos:  another important element of injury defense and good efficient running is establishing and maintaining good strength in and balance between muscle groups used in running.  So 3 simple strength routines are included your custom program.  One focused on core muscles, one on form specific drills and one focused of leg, glute and hip strength.  Each routine is short and concise, no GYM or fancy equipment needed, and each exercise and drill is demonstrated in a video and with a thorough explanation. 
·        Adjustment Rules: no matter how well we plan there is always the chance for unexpected events to happen, such as an unexpected work meeting or trip, you catch a stomach bug that is going around, or have a household emergency that causes you to miss a workout to two.  So included in your custom program is a list of rules to use in those instances to help you get back on schedule with as little negative impact as possible.  
·        2 Of MPR’s Helpful Guides

o   Racing Strategy Guide:  a comprehensive guide on how to approach racing in order to get the best performance out of yourself and to maximize the fitness built up in training.  Regardless of how you like to approach races (by feel, pace or heart rate) we have you covered in this Guide.  From your pre-race taper, to breaking the race up into segments, to in race hydration and fueling, to tips on how to stay focused and determined, this guide will have you confident and ready to roll come race day.

o   Training Approach Guide:  great all around guide on how to view and approach training, with explanations, tips, reminders and other useful information that help make your training as effective, fun and safe as possible. 

How It Works / 3 Easy Steps
1) Choose the length of program you need (between 8-24 weeks) and sign-up above.
2) Coach Hadley will send you a runner questionnaire to gather the information he will need in designing your program,  Fill it out and return it to him.
3) Coach Hadley will design your custom training program and have it to you within 5 days of the return of your questionnaire. 

Why Use MPR

Every MPR Custom Training Program is personally designed for you by MPR’s Head Coach Mark Hadley.  Coach Hadley brings his 30+ years of experience in the sport, his coaching knowledge from having successfully coached and designed programs for hundreds of runners, and his relentless research and analysis of the sport of running, to bear on every program he designs.